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Wine producers for several generations to date, our expertise was initiated by our ancestors... My brother Sébastien still remembers long walks in the vineyards with our great grandfather Etienne, who would stand in the middle of the vines, teaching him to listen to and feel nature. Our father, Richard, still spends time teaching us how to observe our Earth, the flora and fauna being such valuable indicators of the health and condition of the soil. Studying the surrounding microcosm in this way helps us to work our vines in a balanced, harmonious manner.

Add to this the faith of our grandfather, André, in respect of the Côte des Bar terroir, the advice of a great oenologist, a family immensely interested in wine - not least of whom have been a number of characterful and committed members of the fairer sex -, and you end up with the essence of what we would like you to experience through our wines.

We invite you to get to know our champagnes, which are the fruit of our experience, a “terroir” of exception and our attachment to vines and wine.

If you are tempted to explore the magic of our bubbles, we would be delighted to welcome you to our cellars to taste our different champagnes and share part of our history with you.

Lucie & Sébastien


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